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Amy Lee Tackles Her Own ‘Nightmare’ -- and Space Mountain

thereaper Oct 29, 2008
Hey Amy Lee!! You’re the fairy princess and frontwoman of rock extraordinaires Evanescence, and you recently released a new song! What are you going to do next? Yep, she did. Two weeks ago, she went to Disneyland. But what about the song?

MCR's Mikey Way to Pen Possible Batman Comic

thereaper Sep 05, 2008
Buzznet readers, do we have a treat for you. Our friends over at The Gauntlet have just obtained an exclusive tidbit of information from the My Chemical Romance camp regarding a prominent and beloved member of the band who will be penning his very own DC comic book. The subject of which will be none other than Batman. Intrigued? Find out what's going on...

Classic Album Review: "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica

thereaper Mar 01, 2008
The album was a major jump from Kill Em All and cemented Metallica as one of the most prodigal and influential metal bands of all time.  The songwriting is unbelievably mature, full of both heaviness and melody.  The album stands the test of time as a true classic.  As with "Master of Puppets", the only way to truly do the album justice is to explore it track by track.

"Fight Fire With Fire"
- The classical beauty of Metallica's first-ever acoustic intro leads into the sheer ferocity of one of their fastest and heaviest songs of all-time. James Hetfield's vocals are fiery and aggressive and Kirk Hammett's solos are fast as lightning - get it? "Fight Fire With Fire" gets the album off to an intense start.
Song Rating: 10/10

"Ride the Lightning" - Thus began Metallica's tradition of placing the epic title track in the second slot. Co-written by Dave Mustaine - as he's never let anyone forget - the song is longer and more complex than the previous track. The lyrics written from the point-of-view of a death row inmate about to face the electric chair, and Hetfield's desperate vocals create a brooding mood. One of Hammett's longest and most intricate solos dominates the second half of the track.
Song Rating: 10/10

"For Whom the Bell Tolls" - The hits keep coming with Metallica's first war song. The track begins with ominous church bells a la Sabbath, Maiden and AC/DC, which lead into one of the most memorable guitar leads of all time. The song closes with one of metal's earliest and best breakdowns.
Song Rating: 10/10

"Fade to Black" - With "Fade to Black" Metallica showed the world that they could do more than just write fast, aggressive songs. They wrote one of the best ballads of all time. Hetfield's lyrics are dark and brooding, exploring themes of suicide. The sheer melody of the song is breathtaking and the listener cannot help but get wrapped up in the moment. Hammett sends the song out in glorious form with another of his all time best solos as the song fades to black...
Song Rating: 10/10

"Trapped Under Ice" - Metallica is careful not to keep the melody going too long as they unleash the fast and frollicking "Trapped Under Ice", a straight ahead, no frills, speed metal assault.  Great song, but not as good as the first four.
Song Rating: 9/10

"Escape" - Honestly, one of Metallica's weaker songs of the early era.  The song follows a basic verse/chorus/verse format, and at times has an almost (gasp!) glam vibe with the cliched lyrics.  The siren effect at the end is pretty cool, if not cliched as well.  I have always felt that this song would have been better had it been sped up and rearranged quite a bit and placed at the end of the album, as the siren would have been a cool effect to close the album.
Song Rating: 7/10

"Creeping Death"
- Another great song with good guitarwork and cool lyrics, but not quite up the standard of the first four IMO. Somewhat overrated.
Song Rating: 9/10

"The Call of Ktulu"
- Metallica's first instrumental, the bizarrely titled "Call of Ktulu" sends the album out in style.  Cowritten by Dave Mustaine, the song is 8:54 of metal goodness, and showed Metallica's truly progressive side.  It is not as good as "Orion" but is damn close.  The only flaw is that I personally feel that an album should never end with an instrumental.  I think the way that Metallica did it on "Master of Puppets" works best, putting "Damage Inc." last.  Like I mentioned earlier, I would have done that with an altered version of "Escape".  Nonetheless, a fabulous instrumental.
Song Rating: 9/10

Overall Album Rating: 10/10

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